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Investing in real estate has been touted as the #1 secret to building wealth. Yet, it can also create havoc for your financial future if you don’t understand how to invest wisely. Whether you are a first-time investor or a savvy, seasoned investor, working with a real estate team that understands the nuances of the local market at any given time makes sense. As a seasoned investor, I have experienced the design, permit, construction, and delivery phases of renovation, condo conversion, and rental value-added projects. Having managed my rental portfolio, I understand the licensing, landlord-tenant relationships, and other nuances that owning rental properties entails.

I know that your goal is to generate a financial return, whether through a buy-and-hold strategy or a fix and flip. The Terry Brown Realty Team wants to discuss your plans with you and create a strategy to help you achieve those goals. With the assistance of our experienced team, our resources, and our knowledge of the Washington DC Metro area, we can access these and combine them to create a winning blueprint. If you are an investor, schedule a call with Terry. After discussing your goals, together, we can implement a plan that works with your budget, timeline, and desires to build or expand your real estate investment portfolio.